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Since 2015, Danish Crown’s financial reports have demonstrated the subsidiary DAT-Schaub’s consistent success.  Processing casings from hogs for both food and raw material for the pharmaceutical industry, the company has more than tripled its worldwide earnings since 2015. One of the drivers of this success is the US market, where DCW Casing LLC has developed and grown with strong earnings in the natural casing sector.

Over the course of the years, DCW Casing LLC has become an integral part of DAT-Schaub.  The shareholders agree that the time has come for DAT-Schaub to take over the sole ownership of DCW Casing LLC.

“We have an excellent collaboration with the other shareholders, who are also a part of the DCW Casing management team, and from the beginning, it was part of the plan for DAT-Schaub to become the sole owner of the company at some point.” Jan Roelsgaard, CEO of DAT-Schaub said.

“We have come a very long way together and agree that we can build the best foundation for continuing the positive trends by making DAT-Schaub the sole owner. I am happy that the former shareholders, Mike, Ricky and David, will stay on board and focus on continuing the strong development of the company.”   

David Gordon, Executive Vice president Sales commented “After 30 years in this business and a strong partnership with DAT-Schaub for more than 12 years, we are enthusiastic and excited to continue to contribute while entering into this next phase in our journey. The team at DCW Casing is committed to enhancing the relationships we have built with both suppliers and customers.”

DCW Casing LLC was created in Autumn 2012 through a merger of the companies DAT-Schaub, Casing Associates LCC and Wolfson Casing. Until the merger, DAT-Schaub was a co-owner of Casing Associates LCC and the driving force behind the merger.

Since 2012, the focus has been on expanding raw material supplies through contracts with abattoirs across the USA, from which DCW Casing LLC buys the hog casing raw material, as well as expand the US business within sheep casings, artificial casings and heparin production.

“We will not be revising the strategy or make managerial changes to the company as it has shown success over the years. We will endeavour to remain the partner of choice both for the US abattoirs from which we buy the casings and for the thousands of sausage producers we are supplying in the USA and abroad.” Jan Roelsgaard said.

Jais Valeur, Group CEO of Danish Crown commented. “There is still room for consolidation in this global industry. If the right opportunities present themselves, we are prepared to make acquisitions, but we also still have good organic growth opportunities, so DAT-Schaub will focus on pursuing these opportunities.”